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Beewolf Press

Beewolf Press is an independent publisher of academic journals and monographs. Using digital technologies to drive innovation, Beewolf Press is committed to advancing open access publishing, ensuring that research is shared as widely as possible.

In 2023, Beewolf Press became publisher of Island Studies Journal (established 2006), a groundbreaking periodical and leader in high-impact, diamond open access publishing. Beewolf Press also publishes Folk, Knowledge, Place (established 2023).

Beewolf Press was founded in Copenhagen in 2024 and has since 2023 been based in Hong Kong.

Diamond OA

Beewolf Press publishes diamond open access (OA) journals. A diamond OA journal is freely accessible, with no charges for authors or readers.

Most journals by major publishers are produced using a subscription-based model (readers pay), gold OA model (authors pay), or hybrid model (a combination of subscriptions and gold OA). These approaches entrench inequalities and either lock knowledge behind paywalls or restrict the ability to communicate to those who can pay for it.

Diamond OA publishing provides opportunities for radical openness. OA articles are accessed and cited more than pay-to-read papers; we believe this should be available to everyone, regardless of their financial status, professional position, or nationality.

With support from institutional and association sponsors, Beewolf Press publishes journals that communicate across boundaries and open the way for the new perspectives and approaches to scholarship.

Serious scholarship

Beewolf Press is dedicated to publishing high-quality scholarship. Our journals are selective and rigorously peer reviewed. Without the commercial incentives that accompany subscription-based and gold OA publishing, our journal editors can focus on publishing the best, most groundbreaking, and most interesting research from authors around the world.

As an indication of our commitment to quality, Island Studies Journal is not only listed in the SCOPUS database but is one of only a small number of diamond OA journals to be indexed in Web of Science’s prestigious Social Science Citation Index (SSCI).

Limitless creativity

Beewolf Press’ combination of online-only formats with a diamond OA ethos produces new opportunities for creative scholarship. Different journals have different scholarly profiles and needs, but Beewolf Press provides the tools and expertise to bring together creative freedom and high-impact publishing.

We support playful and innovative forms of authorial expression, mixed-media presentations, and boundary-breaking approaches to scholarship. Academic publishing does not need to be limited by the constraints of the print media out of which it arose.